Adoption Pack for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Gospel’s blockchain-based platform holds the key to your organisation complying with the strict new EU GDPR legislation which is heading toward us at pace.

Are you ready?

  • General Data Protection Regulations come into play May 2018
  • Changes encourage best practice data management but place higher strain on companies abilities to achieve data compliance
  • Fines of up to 4% of a company’s previous years global turnover, or €20M, whichever is greater
  • Gospel’s cloud platform leverages Distributed Ledger Technology (blockchain) to overcome many complex data management issues that the new rules demand
  • Consent based control, fully encrypted data at rest, immutable and transparent historical records of data usage at the individual level – just some of the unique Gospel features
  • Many current solutions being prepared using existing legacy workarounds will struggle under tighter regulatory conditions

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force next year, 25th May 2018, and studies show that many companies still aren’t fully aware of the extent of the changes to processing or controlling personal data, or investing in technology strategies to cope.  Those that have made provision, however, may still be heading into a minefield of accountability issues.

Being able to demonstrate the truth about the history of any personal data held (DSAR) – where it has been, who has seen it, who has used it and what for – is something that many systems currently under development using traditional database technologies will struggle with in terms of integrity.  Furthermore, collecting and servicing individuals’ data access requests such as ‘the right to be forgotten’ presents a major challenge on top of merely monitoring data use.

Gospel’s underlying blockchain foundation provides that immutability and trust, and then builds its data logic rules around who, when, how and for what those records can be accessed, all the while providing full transparency to the individual data owner and complete encrypted security.

To learn more about how Gospel could help move you toward best practice GDPR compliance contact us now or download our two page PDF.

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