Creating trust in the fast growing automotive technology sector

Gospel Technology will be showcasing their platform to a gathering of industry professionals driving the future of connected cars and the management of the real time data they will be sharing as part of the autonomous transport ecosystem. This is alongside the work Gospel is also involved with for Transport Catapult, pioneering the enablement of a smarter, greener and more efficient transport system.
Automotive Technology (Autotech) is enjoying heavy investment around the world, especially in the UK. As long ago as 2015, the government announced new laws for testing driverless vehicles on our roads and, with them, an unprecedented £20 million investment into the technology, which has continued to snowball with private investment. Connection between cars and traffic infrastructure is essential to combating problems with autonomous driving, allowing direct communication with other connected devices such as traffic lights and lane management systems.

Gospel is secure data distribution platform based on distributed ledger technology, allowing the sharing of data across disparate systems with absolute confidence in it’s integrity. Relevant information can be farmed from legacy systems, live feeds (IoT / AI) or any other permissioned source and secured, at the data level, across an immutable and traceable decentralised blockchain, eliminating the need for costly and complex security infrastructures.

Gospel is also working with Transport Systems Catapult, Travel AI and The University of Sheffield on the next generation of Intelligent Mobility. The goal of this project is to enable a smarter, greener and more efficient transport system.

Learn more about the Intelligent Mobility project here.

About the Autotech & Connected car meetups

The Autotech & Connected car meetup will be taking place on the evening of Tuesday 1st May from 6.30pm at WeWork, Spitalfields. This meetup group relates to all things Autotech and is intended for industry-specific professionals to meet and discuss the latest cutting-edge technology and commercial trends relating to the Automotive & Connected Car industry. If you’d like to register for this event you can find a link here.

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