Digital Transformation – Technology as the Enabler, Not the Reason

At Gospel we have developed what IDC states as the “first practical enterprise application of blockchain”. In addition we have been humbled and excited to be the first investment by IA Ventures and Salesforce Ventures in blockchain. These are great accolades and something that confirms our ‘purpose’: ‘To provide all industries with trusted inter-enterprise data for secure and ethical business collaboration’

The reason the organisations above have invested in and acknowledged Gospel is fundamentally due to our approach. We execute our purpose to address businesses data challenges, using appropriate technology, not technology to follow the crowd.

Gospel’s technology will drive business growth, ensuring data, the enabler for all transactions, is trusted. Aerospace, pharmaceutical and outsourcing services industries are all implementing Gospel to advance their businesses with ‘Trusted Data’.

‘Trusted Data’ is not abused, is secure in its use inside and outside of boundaries, is traceable in its lifecycle and has longevity as we all navigate the 4th industrial revolution (creating your digital existence).

We have no interest in fuelling the buzz word bingo of marketing hype, promoting innovation without [business] substance or wasting the valuable time of those responsible for all types of transformation.

Click on the image above and read the IDC Infobrief report that outlines how IDC and Gospel have developed a business approach to digital transformation.

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