Gospel at Cloud EXPO – full solution presentation

Watch as Ben Lowe takes you through the Gospel platform, covering in-depth the business data problems that we are solving and how private blockchain technology is applied via Gospel’s IP to remove risk, complexity and time from current business processes across a number of industries.

Gospel recently gave a presentation at Cloud EXPO Europe, demonstrating our focus on utilising distributed ledger technology to solve current enterprise problems, taking advantage of some of the unique attributes of private blockchains to deliver real, tangible value to organisations.

In this short (18 minute) presentation he covers:

  • The data issues plaguing enterprise today and leaving them open to risk
  • The fragility of current data security thinking, and how private permissioned blockchain allows security at the data layer
  • How current infrastructure is preventing key data from being positively exploited and utilised and ironically open to breach or loss from shadow IT
  • How Gospel can be deployed non-disruptively into current processes working with disparate and disconnected silos of data to produce one version of truth
  • A number of use cases where Gospel is currently being used to tackle these issues and bring real value to enterprise by delivering accessible, trusted dat

For a 90 second overview of our solution aims click here.

Contact us now to see which areas of your enterprise could benefit from our technology.


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