Gospel creates complete trust in data sharing

London, 15th May, 2017:  Gospel Technology, a data security startup, has released its first product, Gospel Cloud, to coincide with the business ending its stealth period on the 15th of May.

Created for enterprises, Gospel Cloud v1.0 is the first platform solution on the market that uses blockchain technology to securely share and track data across modern decentralised infrastructures within businesses. It is built on an entirely private and permissioned distributed ledger system that discards the inefficient aspects associated with public blockchains, whilst providing immutable proof of its provenance, usage history, integrity and authenticity.

This eliminates the need for costly, inefficient and insecure workarounds just to share data externally, which Gospel believes in an inevitable consequence of the new digital age clashing with the traditional siloed architecture mentality.

The solution can be used in multiple industries in both the public and private sectors, such as healthcare, government, and manufacturing. Gospel Cloud’s core benefit is that it enables organisations to collaborate freely and securely, allowing users to upload and share sensitive data and records to the system. It is also a huge advantage in terms of complying with the far stricter rules on treatment and protection of personal data such as those in the looming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Founder Ian Smith says “We’re living in a new data culture where information is the most vital asset for a business. Constant reports of breaches, malicious hacking from external parties and the corruption of facts to disseminate “fake news” has exacerbated an atmosphere of mistrust in game changing technologies such as cloud, AI and IoT. High profile brands with large security budgets even appear not to be immune”

Gospel was created by Ian Smith, who was also Founder and CTO of Butterfly Software which sold to IBM in 2012. Gospel has so far received seed funding from a number of notable enterprise software executives in both private and public sector and has already secured partnerships with some well known worldwide tech brands.

Ian continues “Gospel Cloud is the first valid practical platform application of blockchain for corporate and personal data security, and using this we want to rebuild the trust within business.”


Issued on behalf of Gospel by Jargon PR. For more information, contact Lilian Smit on 020 7096 9089 or email [email protected].


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