Gospel on the go: bringing GDQ to a location near you

With our recent launch of Gospel Developer QuickStart (GDQ) last month, the team here at Gospel Technology have been touring the US West Coast and Europe introducing local Google Developer Groups (GDGs) to our platform.

As a Google Cloud Marketplace Partner, we’ve teamed up with local GDGs surrounding the UK and San Francisco Bay Area to introduce developers to GDQ and show them how they can get instant access on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for automatic deployment in a development environment via our Marketplace listing.

September was a busy month, with a GDG San Francisco meetup, a Cloud on Air podcast recording at Google HQ in Sunnyvale, and a Google Cloud Platform meetup at Google HQ in London.

During our San Francisco and UK roadshow, these workshops have enabled developers to deploy GDQ on GCP at no charge by redeeming $300 worth of free GCP credits. Over free drinks, food and swag we discussed different use cases for GDQ, including a UK-based venture capital firm and how they’re deploying the platform to manage their talent pool of entrepreneurs in a totally trusted, encrypted environment. With GDQ, they’re able to ensure that all of their candidates’ sensitive data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is only accessible to the right user for the right reason based on role and context, and that they are GDPR compliant.

By getting our technology into the hands of developers to play around with and test the platform, we’re creating a whole new wave of security conscious early adopters who need to securely share sensitive data in the cloud, both within and beyond their organisations. Their companies can start instantly testing out their use cases and protecting their sensitive data both internally and externally. For any organisations who might be evaluating new technology vendors or managing multiple platforms for data security, protection, encryption and databases, GDQ allows them to trial all of those solutions in one platform, in minutes.