Gospel teams up with Transport Catapult to enable Intelligent Mobility

Gospel has engaged with a major transport initiative to help drive the future of localised travel utilising data to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of end-to-end journeys.

Here at Gospel, we are excited to be working with Transport Systems Catapult, Travel AI and The University of Sheffield on the next generation of Intelligent Mobility. The goal of this project is to enable a smarter, greener and more efficient transport system.

A significant challenge in this project is dealing with the distributed nature and sensitivity of personal data.

To address this, commuters’ travel data will be fed into Gospel’s distributed ledger built on top of the blockchain. Here are just some of the ways Gospel will enable this project:

  • Gospel’s consent mechanism will ensure customers retain control over their data
  • Gospel will protect sensitive information by providing granular access control and showing contextualised views of information to third parties
  • The newly released Triggers and LedgerWatchers will be used for automating many different workflows behind the scenes

All of these features and more are available in version 2.0 of Gospel.

Learn more about the Intelligent Mobility project here.

The team are really looking forward to the successful execution of this project and a smoother commute to the office every day!


Trent Kalish-Smith is Gospel’s Technical Sales Engineer

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