Gospel Technology Lands in San Francisco

A new year, a new city! After the announcement of Salesforce Ventures’ investment in Gospel Technology last September, their first-ever investment in distributed ledger technology, Gospel Technology knew an expansion to the West Coast was on the horizon. This would allow them to leverage the opportunity to expand on the vision of advancing enterprise data sharing through blockchain, and to work more closely with Salesforce’s customers.

With headquarters booming in London and European expansion taking off, the Gospel Technology team jumped at the opportunity to build out a global presence and capitalize on their newfound partnership with Salesforce, right in the heart of the biggest tech hub in the world.

On Monday, April 1st the company officially opened their doors in San Francisco, CA with an office at Market Center. Being in the same physical location as Salesforce, Google and other key partners will allow the company to grow and scale their global operations, partner and customer network through events, messaging, and much more.

According to the latest IDC spending guide, worldwide spend on blockchain solutions is forecast to be nearly $2.9 billion in 2019, an increase of over 88% from 2018 spend. The time is ripe for investors, enterprise organizations and their customers to climb on board and stay ahead of the curve to enable secure enterprise data collaboration.

The US Gospel team is small but mighty, and will be looking to hire and build out the San Francisco office rapidly over the coming months. Follow Gospel Technology’s blog, webinars, and social channels to keep up to date for job opportunities, events, meetups, podcasts, videos and more.

You can find us at 575 Market Street or give us a ring at (415) 521-3030 to learn more about how you can get involved in the Gospel Technology movement. Incorporating in the US is just the beginning!

Kelly Browning is Head of Market Engagement for Gospel Technology, spearheading the San Francisco office and content strategy for the US market. For local events, partnership or sales opportunities, please reach out directly to [email protected].

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