Gospel Technology Launches Gospel Developer QuickStart (GDQ) on Google Cloud Marketplace, Will Demo at Google Cloud Next ’19 UK

London, United Kingdom – 17th September 2019 – Gospel Technology today announces the launch of Gospel Developer QuickStart on Google Cloud Marketplace – a quick and easy way for developers to automatically deploy the Gospel Data Platform™ on GCP and test the full features and capabilities in a production environment, without disrupting current business processes. Gospel Technology will be demoing GDQ at Google Cloud Next ’19 UK in November.

The Gospel Data Platform is a totally trusted, shared database which enables enterprises to extend their security perimeters into the companies with whom they need to work and share sensitive data, such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII). It provides an immutable, auditable history of all read or write access to data using Gospel’s patent-pending consensus-on-reads technology.

Gospel Technology has partnered with Google Cloud Marketplace to launch Gospel Developer QuickStart (GDQ) – a first of its kind, out of the box solution for developers, by developers. GDQ was designed to enable organisations to get up and running quickly with the Gospel Data Platform in a production environment. This allows tech teams to start proving out their use cases with just a few clicks, avoiding a long, convoluted process to get a working environment and minimising time to value realisation from months to minutes.

GDQ provides a low barrier to entry solution for enterprises to test the full capabilities of the platform in a pre-configured demonstration network, complete with sample data already loaded. Now, instead of going through a multi-month or year-long process to research or build a new security system, API tool or database, enterprises can get instant access to GDQ to start building and testing their solutions on Google Cloud Platform.

Gospel Technology was founded from the belief that the control, privacy and ownership of data will become one of the defining principles of the 21st century.
With the heightened visibility of how organisations securely manage and share sensitive data, combined with regulations such as GDPR, a new era is unfolding where business success will be judged by how they undertake their new responsibilities in this area.

Ian Smith, CEO of Gospel Technology comments, “We are excited to be releasing GDQ on Google Cloud Platform to enable sensitive data to be stored, shared and secured in the cloud. This is a monumental step forward not only for us as a business, but for our customers who need to ensure their data is encrypted and secure, and for enterprises around the world who know that the current way of sharing sensitive data is lacking. The primary problem we’re solving is maintaining control over shared data and the way in which it’s stored, secured and protected. GDQ provides automatic access to an all-in-one solution so organisations can spend less time building their own database, researching or managing multiple systems and tools. And instead use that time to test out all of those features simultaneously, in one platform, in minutes.”

For more information or to access GDQ, visit the Google Cloud Marketplace listing here.

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