Gospel Technology targets unprecedented data access and security with NGA Human Resources

Gospel Technology targets unprecedented data access and security with NGA Human Resources


January 21, 2019 – London, UK: Gospel Technology, a leader in business focused  enterprise blockchain solutions, enablingtrusted data collaboration and inter-enterprise data governance,has announced that it is working with NGA Human Resources to secure PII data of its employees and clients.


NGA HR’s products and services innovation teamhas been piloting Gospel Technology’s Enterprise Secure Data Platform, with a view to integrating this intoits architecture to further strengthen its chain of data trust.This first project, which will continue to run until March, enables the proof-of-value (PoV) to be established by NGA HR, withthe potential to add the platform as the unprecedented infrastructure layer of data access and security to NGA HR’s BPO payroll services.


In July 2018, Ponemon Institute LLC published an update to their ‘Cost of a Data Breach Study’, highlighting continual growth in the costs associated with data breach incidents. Respondents to the study are incurring an average cost of $3.86 million per breach, coupled with a 27.9% likelihood of a recurring material breach over the next two years.


“The risks of a data breach can be very costly, if not financially catastrophic for an organisation that fails to protect the data they manage. At NGA HR, we believe that traditional methods of data encryption and reactive security solutions don’t meet today’s requirement. We believe that blockchain offers very secure encryption of data with the added advantage of giving the people whose data is being managed much more consensus control over it”, states Stuart Curley, CTO at NGA Human Resources


In response Reuben Thompson, VP Technology at Gospel Technology highlights that, “In today’s world of complex compliance challenges and myriad of threats to data security, there’s a huge competitive advantage to companies adopting cutting edge technology like that which we’re building here at Gospel Technology”


The trust layer architected within the Gospel Technology solution will address the requirements of a growing number of organisations already stipulating unlimited liability for data breaches from data controllers and processors in their supply chains. Andy Monshaw CEO of NGA Human Resources, predicts this requirement will steadily rise in 2019.


“We are really excited by this partnership with NGA HR and believe the results will demonstrate the business efficiencies, operating cost reductions and future proofing that the Gospel Technology solution brings to the business world. The engagement with NGA HR moves blockchain into enterprise use and demonstrates the real-world capability of the technology across differing vertical markets and use cases, “added Ian Smith, CEO and Founder Gospel Technology.


Built using its own consensus driven distributed ledger (blockchain) technology, the Gospel Technology Enterprise Secure Data Platform ensures contextual access to Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Data canonly be accessed by people authorised to view it, and only in the context of the relevant fields of information required to complete a process. This is proven to increase service efficiencies and reduce the possibility of human error. NGA HR is also looking at how this can enhance the experience of employees, in particularly those in heavy volume data processing roles, such as help desks and call centers.


“[Gospel Technology] puts NGA HR back in control of our data. We can decide who accesses it, when and for how long. Data owners and authorised processors and controllers can manage the security of PII data, and they can always see who has done what with the data. Compliance and audit trails are irrefutable.” explained Stuart Curley


“NGA HR’s commitment to putting the Gospel Technology platform at the core of its complex, cross-company, PII-driven processes have really highlighted the benefits that we can bring to the diverse stakeholders in that process – employers, employees, payment providers and NGA HR themselves. Everyone benefits from tight integration with their existing systems and processes, total transparency in how data is used, and the assurance as to who can and has read that data, when and why.” explained Reuben Thompson


“The architectures of today are no longer fit for purpose, as regular high-profile security breaches demonstrate. At Gospel Technology, our vision is to secure key enterprise and personal data to build a future where trusted data collaboration and inter-enterprise data governance is the norm. We see a huge opportunity for NGA HR as an employer, and also as a controller and processor of data,” concluded Ian Smith.



About NGA Human Resources

NGA Human Resources provides HR and payroll services and solutions to organization managing complex global workforces. It combines deep expertise and the best technologies with an innovative approach to help companies deliver the essential next generation workforce services they need to add value for HR and business stakeholders. http://ngahr.com

For more information contact:

Caroline Garstang (for NGA Human Resources)
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T: +44 7814589425


About Gospel Technology

Gospel Technology delivers the world’s first secure inter-enterprise and intra-enterprise data collaboration platform, utilising distributed ledgers to allow timely, trusted access to critical company owned data across its entire usage lifecycle. Gospel Technology presents a totally new way of accessing and controlling data which is enterprise grade scalable, highly resilient, and secure – providing complete trust in an untrusted environment.


For more information contact:

Bemi Idowu (for Gospel Technology)
E: [email protected]

T: +44 207403 8878

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