Gospel Technology’s blockchain cloud hits the market

By Claire Hopping from Cloudpro – originally published 16th May 2017.

Gospel Cloud v1.0 uses blockchain tech to make data exchange more secure

Gospel Technologies has launched Gospel Cloud v1.0, which uses blockchains to share and track data across business networks to help them collaborate better.

Designed for use in both the public and private sectors, Gospel Cloud v1.0 allows users to upload and share sensitive data to a unified system, complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other stringent rules that apply to data in the healthcare, government and manufacturing industries.

“We’re living in a new data culture where information is the most vital asset for a business,” Gospel’s founder Ian Smith said. “Constant reports of breaches, malicious hacking from external parties and the corruption of facts to disseminate ‘fake news’ has exacerbated an atmosphere of mistrust in game changing technologies such as cloud, AI and IoT. High profile brands with large security budgets even appear not to be immune.”

Gospel Cloud v1.0 is built on a private and permissioned distributed ledger, but without the inefficiencies usually associated with blockchain technologies, Gospel explained. It means businesses no longer need to spend vast amounts of money to share data externally, neither do they have to put their customers’ security at risk while sharing vital information across businesses.

“Gospel Cloud is the first valid practical platform application of blockchain for corporate and personal data security, and using this we want to rebuild the trust within business,” Smith added.

The launch of Gospel Cloud v1.0 coincides with the end of the company’s stealth period, which ended yesterday.

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