Gospel: The First Practical Enterprise Application of Blockchain

Read IDC’s view on the future for private, permissioned blockchains as a means of securing critical information distributed across the value chain and how in their opinion they are the first practical applications of distributed ledger technology for enterprise business.

In this free report you will learn;

  • How digital transformation is impacting the way teams access and distribute critical data internally and externally
  • How decentralised infrastructures are creating demand for data to be accessible beyond boundary controls
  • Why existing silo’d approaches to handling enterprise data are broken and create the rise of insecure workarounds and shadow IT
  • The further impact of legislation such as GDPR on governance of personal data as well as corporate data access
  • How blockchain technology can be utilised to tackle these complex data security challenges and allow an organisation to confidently realise its data capital

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IDC Spotlight – Gospel – The First Practical Enterprise Application of Blockchain


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