Start testing your use cases for totally trusted data today

Gospel has made it easier than ever to start testing out your use cases on the platform – free of charge. With our entirely new Gospel-hosted sandbox, you can now build your own encrypted, cloud-native system for sharing ultra-sensitive data with multiple parties, in minutes. Whether you’re a beginner, an advanced user, or just hearing about us for the first time, developers and enterprise users of all levels have the following deployment options:

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✔ Build your own private blockchain-based backend with your own Kubernetes Cluster + our app via Google Cloud Marketplace
✔ Use our new online sandbox. Data in the Sandbox is public but requires no infrastructure and is thus completely free to use

Our demo app was made using React and uses the Gospel JS SDK to connect to a backend where permission to sensitive data is managed. The app shows you how to use features like Smart Contracts to trigger a permission change, which enables a reader to request and get access, and a data owner to see and approve/deny that read.

[insert screen shots of demo app from Gus]

Modify and use it as a POC for anything from clinical trial data, a GDPR compliant database, or a Golden Customer Record store for your CMS and personalisation activity. Whatever your use case, you can use our sandbox environment for building a blockchain-based app to test it using clicks instead of code.

A few housekeeping items:

  • What happens in the sandbox, stays in the sandbox (data included)
  • All the data and files may be permanently deleted periodically from the sandbox environment
  • Please don’t add any inappropriate content to the sandbox, otherwise we will be forced to delete your data and everyone else’s
  • We value your feedback! Please let us know what’s working for you and what isn’t

Join our Slack channel to connect with our development team, get support from the community, or just say hello.

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