May the Dreamforce be with you… first month at Gospel Technology

“Morning Matt” said the new boss on the Thursday of my second week.

“You ok to go to San Francisco to the Salesforce Dreamforce event in 10 days?”

“Er sure yeah. If you’re happy I can handle it, I’m happy to go.”

Not doubting the senior management team’s faith in my ability but part of the reason I had been chosen was down to the sheer volume of activity being undertaken by Gospel right now.

Aside from closing some business in some household named Enterprises, in just the past few weeks alone we have attended the IDC CIO summit in Portugal, Dreamforce in San Fran, IP EXPO in London, a private Pharma conference in Belgium, onboarded new starters and moved offices!

A glance at my diary, and the activities planned, suggest it is going to get busier and the number of end user meetings certainly highlight that our solution is resonating and the problems we address are very real.

Unsurprisingly it is the conversations with those prospects that has enthused and inspired me over the past month.

If you consider the headline tag of what Gospel is – A platform of absolute data trust that allows secure, contextual access and trusted collaboration – you might not be surprised by some of the amazing use cases and interesting conversations we are having.

To name a few use cases:

The safe movement of evidence-based records in ‘blue-light’ services

Tracking the finances from the now legalised Cannabis markets in California

Securing personal information and records from clinical drug trials

Improving the speed and costs involved in major parts recalls

Giving HR companies the ability to lock down and only share data that need to be shared

Moving MRO (maintenance and repair operation) workflows from paper based to 2018!

Oh and Dreamforce…well that was amazing and the experience was only enhanced with the news on the first day of the event that Salesforce Ventures have bought into our vision with a major contribution to our A round investment. Plus, as always, we had the best t-shirts to support the event and the Metallica gig during the week!


Bring on month two.

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