New horizons – discovering the “other side” of data control

Gospel Technology’s newest recruit, Matthew Eldrett, gives his thoughts on joining a fast growing company in a fast growing market.

Throughout my career I have been lucky enough to work for some of the best companies and leading vendors.

I cut my teeth in reseller land learning about CRM and MIS, Financials and Supply Chains, Datacentres and Virtualisation, Managed Services and Cloud!
I have been fortunate to be involved in some important and exciting projects including standing up the ticketing systems for the Olympics and the roll out of over 1 million email users in the NHS.

For the past 12 years I have been focused on storing, protecting and serving data and have again felt humbled to have had the chance to bring new technologies into the market such as Data Domain, Nimble Storage and more recently Rubrik. All ground breaking companies with solutions that have been highly disruptive in the industry.

My most recent adventure with Rubrik was fascinating – it’s a rocket ship of a company that is truly disrupting the tier 2 data space.  Data protection was long overdue an overhaul and those guys have the silver bullet.

So why did I move on?

A few months ago my daughter made me go and see “The Greatest Showman” with her (not my thing really though secretly I enjoyed it a lot) and there is this song in the film called “The Other Side”.  It reignited some thoughts I’d had several times over the past few years. I’ve spent years selling the infrastructure to run applications faster, better, smarter.  Products to protect all the data those applications create.

Never have I really had the chance to see “The Other Side”.

What are companies using those apps for,  how are the choices they make effecting their business goals, their partners, their staff, their customers?  Were the business decision makers making the right decisions to even take advantage of all the high end technical toys on offer to them from the IT teams?

Most importantly how were they sharing information,  how are they able to collaborate for the good of all?  If they were sharing was it safe?  Or were they being held back by fear or perceived inability to share safely?

How many times over the years have I been sent or shared information that I really shouldn’t or didn’t need to see?

A few days after having this little think about “The Other Side” I met Gospel Technology.

Light-bulb moment.  The problem is real.  Call it what you will: Data Sharing, Data Collaboration,  Supply Chain Authenticity, Data Security, Data Tracking. Companies big and small want to share, they want / need to collaborate to survive, to grow, to succeed –  BUT – they don’t know how to do it all without risk.

I totally got that.

How many times over the years have I been sent or shared information that I really shouldn’t or didn’t need to see?  Many!  Be it from inside the walls of the firm I worked for or from customers / partners / suppliers.  Many times I have deleted sensitive information from my workspace!

So if that problem exists at the level of an IT Salesman – how big must the problem be for the Head of HR at XYZ or CEO of ABC logistics! Gospel have an amazing platform to solve this problem.  The technology is leading the way to fix the problem. Shout us if you want to learn more about the how. But….here is why I really joined.

This isn’t really a technical conversation.  It’s a moral and ethical one.

All companies have an obligation to their staff, their customers and their partners to give all parties the chance to collaborate and succeed as much a possible but in a safe and secure and trusted workflow.

All C level staff and top management have a moral and ethical duty to ensure they are protecting all sensitive data in their care. The companies that are going to rise to the top of their game over the next ten years are the ones that learn how to play nicely and share safely.

Meantime… I’m off to google the latest data breach!”



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