What is the Gospel Data Platform?

The Gospel Data Platform is a patented highly secure database built on Distributed Ledger Technology (blockchain). The platform acts like a graph database and has the unique capability of sharing sensitive data with external partners, while retaining full control over the shared information by the individual user.

Gospel is a private, permissioned blockchain built upon the consensus mechanisms of Byzantine Fault Tolerance (pBFT) to enforce its security protocols.

The ledger itself is is an immutable and tamper-proof, append only record of any transactions on data stored within it.

Trust is therefore no longer taken on good faith.  It is literally built into the technology.

We believe this technology is the ONLY one that can enforce the required security of the modern demand for secure data sharing by individuals, which is being driven by the consumer need for reduced complexity in their life data management.

Gospel Technology provides a platform that offers absolute certainty over data lineage and tamper-proof audit on all actions, which is critical in managing aspects of extra-company data sharing, both for us and our customers.

– Data Engineering Lead in a Major Biopharmaceutical.

One platform to enable immutable, tamper-proof data sharing in a totally trusted environment.

What Gospel Hub does for your organisation


Easily and securely share sensitive data with your customers or employees.


Allow customers/employees complete control of access to their data


Increased performance of regulated records delivery and uptake/receipt


Improved customer/employee relationships, loyalty and satisfaction

Security, loyalty and trust 

Current corporate customer/employee comms can be very disjointed.

The Gospel Hub offers a standardised delivery mechanism that the user trusts, and offers them added benefits of simplicity, ease of access and control.

Delivery via the Gospel Hub will strengthen the client relationship and offer a significant competitive advantage.


Data integrity and accountability

Your customers want to trust you.  Gospel Hub gives them that reassurance.

History of activities (including user reads, attempts intention and failed to access the information) is logged in an immutable and tamper-proof audit trail, thus giving full transparency to the lifecycle of the data held within an individuals Gospel Hub.

Likewise – they gift you entry into their Gospel Hub to deposit, read, or update the data pertaining to your services.  At last, a two way relationship that will cement loyalty and strengthen your client engagement.

This is a revolution in customer control.  Your customers will not be waiting for you to adopt blockchain secure technology to communicate with them – they will demand it

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Why is this needed now?

Currently citizens are not deeply engaged with their providers, suppliers, institutions and governments.  A trail of disparate information records in different formats leaves individuals feeling insecure, confused, and concerned about their data security and unorganised records.

Control and privacy

Gospel Hub gives that reassurance back to the individual.  All their necessary and sometimes sensitive life information is handled, maintained and simplified into one single trusted place.


Life made simple