Border controls for data

The network boundary for the enterprise has become blurred where the explosion of decentralised working practices has provided omni-channel data access, sharing and management. Enterprises need to ensure that the erosion of the network boundary for the exploitation of data for business efficiencies and critical advantage, does not cause increased negativity due to data abuse, breach and misappropriation.

The evolution of structural and procedural data controls and evaluating the measures of this, need to be adopted to meet each enterprise’s unique operating requirements. So how can enterprises increase the controls of data management, without compromising the needs to exploit the data for agreed business transformation for all data? Check out the webinar to find out.

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Watch our on-demand webinar where we’ll cover:

  • Current data challenges facing most businesses today
  • Current data regulations facing all businesses today
  • Future problems such as new and different technologies
  • How Gospel Technology can help with this
  • An overview of the Gospel Data Platform™
  • Use cases