Bringing total trust and control back to financial data

The banking and financial services industry is going through a period of rapid transformation, moving to a much-needed environment of transparency, security and data control. Initiatives such as Open Banking, PSD2 and GDPR will bring considerable change to how financial data is stored, shared and used.

Financial organisations have a moral and legal responsibility to satisfy a variety of requirements including consent, governance, and the ‘right to be forgotten.’ Traditional database technologies are unable to fully verify whether sensitive data has been viewed, accessed or otherwise tampered with once it’s been shared externally.

Download a complimentary overview of Gospel Technology’s solution for the banking and financial services industry to learn more about:

  • The problem with trusted data in banking
  • How a secure distributed database can build trust and consent into financial data sharing
  • How banks and financial organisations can reduce regulatory risk, data breaches, loss and misuse