Securely share sensitive data in the cloud within minutes


Get up and running in just a few clicks

The ability to share and collaborate on highly sensitive data, such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), is crucial for business success. Enterprise developers hold massive amounts of customer PII data in their hands, and are likely not only tasked with ensuring that data is secure and protected, but also writing code, closing many a JIRA ticket, and researching the best technologies to solve critical operational challenges like data integrations, API security and middleware migrations.

Say hello to Gospel Developer Quickstart 

There’s only so much time in a developer’s day, which is why Gospel Technology has partnered with Google Cloud Marketplace to launch Gospel Developer Quickstart (GDQ) – a first of its kind, out-of-the-box solution for developers, by developers. GDQ was designed to enable organisations to get up and running quickly with the Gospel Data Platform in a production environment. This allows tech teams to start proving out their use cases with just a few clicks, avoiding a long convoluted process to get a working environment and minimising time to value realisation from months to minutes. All in one platform.

GDQ provides a low barrier to entry solution for developers to test the full capabilities of the Gospel Data Platform in a pre-configured demonstration network, complete with sample data already loaded. Instead of going through a multi-month long process to determine whether or not an enterprise offering is right for your business, with GDQ you can build your own solution using the platform without even having to talk to us (unless you want to, in which case we’re all ears).

How do I deploy GDQ? 

Developers can automatically deploy GDQ on Google Cloud Platform in just a few clicks, by instantly spinning up a Gospel node to start securely sharing PII data in a secure cloud environment. GDQ comes complete with all the support and resources developers need to get started, including: 

  • Customisable SDKs 
  • Simple integration 
  • Documentation 
  • User guide 
  • Developer community on Slack 

Visit our developer page for more information and to get instant access to GDQ today.

Beyond blockchain

The Gospel Data Platform is a totally trusted, shared database which enables organisations to extend their security perimeters into the companies with whom they need to work and share sensitive data. Using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in a never-before-seen way, security is built in at the data layer itself as opposed to just securing the database. This unique use of a private permissioned blockchain provides true cryptographic trust, traceability and immutability for data being shared within and beyond your organisation. Patent-pending technology provides consensus on reads as well as writes, and logs an immutable, auditable history of all data transactions within a network throughout the entire data lifecycle. Tamper-proof audit trails and logical data access controls enable organisations to maintain complete trust in their data, and share only the right data with the right user at the right time, including 3rd parties. 

Our goal is to enable as many developers as possible to start securely sharing their organisations’ sensitive data in the cloud, so that ultimately every enterprise can verify they’re doing right by their customers’ data. Whether the issue with sharing sensitive data is that you’re sharing too much, not enough, or none at all due to security concerns, GDQ provides an all-in-one-platform solution. It’s now possible to start securely sharing your organisation’s data immediately, instead of spending hours of dev time and resources building your own solution from scratch or evaluating multiple vendors to solve various security problems. 

Finally, companies have the ability to retain control of sensitive information, no matter where it’s stored or who it’s shared with.

Have questions? We’ve got answers! Join our developer community on Slack or reach out to our support team here

Happy testing! 


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