Technology in the age of social responsibility

With greater technological advancements comes greater responsibility. The responsibility of creating technology for good and using the vast amounts of data being generated to help the planet and its citizens.

The world is at a turning point where we have more access to information at our fingertips than ever before. The question is: how will we choose to use that information? Will we use it for personal gain – as leverage against others – or will we use it to make better business decisions and improve the lives of those around us? We have full control over the decisions we make, but do we have full control of the data itself?

This era of movers, shakers and change makers has a social responsibility to do what’s right with the technology and data with which we’ve been equipped. If we all choose to use this information for the betterment of people and businesses, then we will all prosper and benefit by holding each other accountable. In order to strike a balance between economic expansion and the welfare of society, it’s crucial that companies and individuals maintain complete control of their own data, and be able to verify that it’s trusted, secured and protected. Otherwise, we have no way of knowing who is using our data, when and for what reason, and that puts us all at great risk.

Now that generations have successfully built technology platforms that can generate, store, analyse, and abstract insights from such large amounts of data, we need to be smart about the way in which this data is shared, both internally and externally. Gospel® has built its own proprietary secure distributed database technology being used in a never-before-seen way to provide these unprecedented levels of trust and control. We’re going far beyond traditional database technology to build security in at the data layer, as opposed to just securing the database itself, so that when your data leaves the organisation’s perimeter to be shared externally with partners, suppliers, and 3rd parties, it remains totally encrypted, secured and protected. Whether its financial details at the bankhealth records at the doctor’s office, or personal details at a previous employernever again will the consumer nor the organisation need to worry about data breach, loss, misuse or regulatory fines.

Social responsibility shouldn’t be optional, it should be a guiding principal for companies to follow as they continue to evolve, expand and transform. One of Gospel Technology’s customers, the Worcestershire Office of Data Analytics (WODA) is doing just that – putting social care at the forefront of their digital transformation journey. Check out this short video testimonial to learn more about how WODA is using the Gospel Platform to enable frontline workers to make better business decisions, and in turn improve the lives of their citizens.

Gospel Technology believe that an individual or oganisation’s control of their own data should be easy, and we’re on a mission to give back that control. By putting control back in the hands of the data owner, we’re allowing businesses and consumers to not only have total trust in their sensitive data, but to also be able to verify that it’s secure no matter where it’s being stored or who it’s being shared with. To learn more about how Gospel Technology can help your organisation with social responsibility, click here to speak to our team today.

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