The gospel according to Blockchain, or is it the other way round?

By Chris Mellor for The Register – originally published 10th March 2017.

Startup Gospel Technology is evangelising the use of Blockchain to secure and verify sharable data.

Blockchain technology provides a way of doing this, claims Gospel, which says it’s found a simpler way than any alternative methods. The early stage firm was founded in December last year by CEO Ian Smith, who was co-founder, owner and CTO of Butterfly Software, a company IBM bought for an undisclosed amount in September, 2012, for its data centre storage planning and migration tool software.

Smith, who was a storage transformation consultant at Dell before founding Butterfly, spent three years at IBM, finishing up as worldwide VP for flash and software-defined solutions. In May, 2016, he became the owner and managing director of Kingwood Estate, an English vineyard making sparkling wines in the Thames Valley near Henley On Thames.


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