What can you do with a distributed data solution?

Data sharing between organisations is a challenge for every enterprise. Centralised and silo-ed infrastructures mean that controlling and monitoring the use of the data held is extremely complex.

The current “traditional” solutions to providing secured access to data have resulted in a stack of security products ranging from firewalls and API gateways to intrusion prevention systems, concentrating on maintaining the integrity of data within a tightly monitored boundary.  But what happens to that control once you’ve shared data outside that boundary, as often happens when teams or “trusted” third-party partners want to collaborate on information? That data is no longer under your control.

What if there was a mechanism that combines data distribution and security at the same time?  Utilising distributed ledger (Blockchain) technology, Gospel delivers a breakthrough that makes sharing data accessible, secure and simple. This can be between different organisations or between data silos within an enterprises ecosystem.

The innovation lies in Gospel Ledger Nodes which ingest data and securely distribute it to the other nodes in the private, permissioned network. Through Gospel’s consensus mechanism, the LedgerNodes create a resilient network with no single points of failure.


Before a change is made, the consensus is used to verify that requests are valid and will not corrupt the shared data, reducing the requirement for backups or DR solutions. Security is also maintained by the network of LedgerNodes through consensus. This prevents unauthorised access to data even in the event that a LedgerNode is compromised.

Together, these features permit a group of organisations to work together on a single dataset, with the confidence that access controls and integrity are maintained, at the data level. This enables completely new effective and efficient ways to drive cost savings, increase revenue streams and secure critical data.

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