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Everything. Always. All in one place

Payslips, statements, travel docs, utilities bills, medical records, certificates, tax records, insurance policies, personal photos – keep everything private to you and your life in one, easily accessed secure place. Automatically updated by your providers saving you the hassle.

Share safely in a few easy clicks

Experience complete control of who sees your sensitive data and documents. Authorise providers and third parties who request access to your personal information.  Only allow those who absolutely need it, with the right data, for the right reason, at the right time.

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Keep complete track of your life data

Blockchain technology means all access, updates, overwrites and additions to your personal files are timestamp recorded. This provides an immutable record and provenance of all data activity in your Gospel Hub and the information held within it at any point in the past, forever.

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A technology built on trust

When we say trust we mean it.  Our patented blockchain design means that all actions are sanctioned by the distributed ledger technology, the same tech that runs cryptocurrency. Your private data simply cannot be viewed or shared without your secure consent.

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Bring simplicity to your life

Reduce the complexity of organising your personal files

The Gospel Hub is the only blockchain based application that enables you to share sensitive information, within and beyond your iris secured smartphone, with total trust, security and control.

Want your payslip history securely delivered and stored directly from your employer into your Gospel Hub?

No problem.

Want to share that payslip information securely with a mortgage provider with a few clicks?

No problem.

Want to receive your statements from that chosen mortgage provider via your Gospel Hub, with access to your history over the length of that loan?

Again, no problem.

Gone are the days of copying and emailing documents, screenshotting pdf files from one organisation and sending to another, and losing complete control or track of where all this sensitive data is going.


Made simple.

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Say hello to the future

Unlock the power of your data

This is the age of big data.  Companies collect so much data about everyday transactions it’s easy to feel like you’re not in control of all this information about you.

Until now.

Now the power is in your hands.  You are in charge of what you keep and who can see it.

Who knows where that will take us….

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